AT SOS Hermann Gmeiner College the greatest emphasis is laid on discipline. Students must abide by all college rules and regulations. Any violation of such rules

and regulations are properly dealt with. Parents are encouraged to motivate their children to abide by all college rules. During college hours Prefects and captains

play an active role in maintaining discipline. The College Discipline Committee also meets regularly to discuss the overall discipline situation.

Students are required to comply with the following rules and regulations regarding personal behavior and discipline:

1.Students must attend college regularly. No absence is acceptable except in case of illness or emergency. In such case, a student must submit an application to the

Class Teacher signed by both the parents. In case of leave for more than three days due to illness, a medical certificate must be enclosed.

2.No student will be allowed to enter the college compound without wearing college uniform. Students must be in college uniform during any college function or while

representing the college in any programme outside the college.

3.Boys must have proper haircut. Girls with long hair should make two braids with black ribbon. Girls with short hair should use black hair pins. No fashionable hair

bands or hair pins are allowed.

4.Students must not wear or use jewellery, expensive watches, fancy stationery etc.

5.Only students of Classes VI to XII may use watches with black leather straps.

6.Under no circumstances students are allowed to go outside the college without prior permission of the college authorities.

7.Students are required to bring their tiffin from home and they should take their tiffin in their respective classrooms only during the tiffin break.

8.Students must not bring any mobile phone, books other than text books, magazines, cassettes, CDs, toys etc. to school. If a student is found to be in possession of

any such article, disciplinary action will be taken against the.

9.Students must never use indecent or objectionable language with anyone.

10.Students shall not lend or borrow money, books, watches or any other valuable articles.

11.Students should take maximum care of all college property. They will have to pay for any loss of or damage to any college property.

12.Students should take proper care of their personal belongings. Regarding seating arrangement in class or during exams they will abide by the Class Teacher/ Invigilator’s instruction.

13.Students must enter into and leave the college in a disciplined way. After college hours they must not loiter at the gate or around the college.