Hermann Gmeiner Scholarships:

Every year Hermann Gmeiner Scholarships are awarded to students in three categories:

    (i) For Academic Excellence

    (ii) Need- based

    (iii) Outstanding Extra-curricular Achievement

In Category (i) 2 students from each class are awarded the scholarship based on their overall academic performance in an academic year.

In Category (ii) Up to 2 students from each class receive the award based on their financial need and subject to their satisfactory academic performance

In Category (iii) 1 student each from Primary (Classes I to V), Secondary (Classes VI to X) and Higher Secondary (Classes XI and XII) levels are awarded the

scholarship for outstanding achievements in extra-curricular competitions.

Each scholarship carries a cash award of BDT. 6500, 8000 and 10000 for the Primary, Secondary and Higher Secondary levels respectively and a Certificate.

In 2012, 39 students were awarded the scholarships in three categories and an amount of BDT 305,000 was spent for that.

Hermann Gmeiner Academic Award:

Every year one teacher receives the Hermann Gmeiner Academic Award for excellent contribution in academic and other spheres of the college. The award carries

a cash award of BDT 15000 and a Certificate.