Orientation Programme-2022

An orientation programme for the newly admitted students of Preparatory class and Class I of SOS Hermann Gmeiner College Dhaka was held on 9 January 2022. The students of these classes with their parents attended the programme at 10:00 a. m.  in “Helmut Kutin” auditorium of the college. First of all, a welcome speech was delivered by the Vice Principal of the college. Then the class teachers of these classes introduced themselves to the students. Finally, the Principal of the college delivered her speech welcoming the students & their parents. In her speech, she gave a short description of the glorious history of the college. After the completion of her speech, the class teachers guided the students and their parents to pay a visit to the whole college compound and the particular classrooms of these students. Their classrooms were decorated with colourful papers and balloons by the teachers to delight them. In the classrooms the students of class I were given books & chocolates. The students also interacted with each other and made friendship with each other. Thus these newly admitted students spent their first day at school.